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King Of Dratan Winchester
Next War 10-20-2018 22:00
King Of Merac No Clan
Next War 10-20-2018 22:00

Our multi client is not in the client all you have to do is open the launcher 2 times to run 2 accounts
Hysteria Hardcore

Hysteria is a Hardcore server you have to Farm SP, Skill Books and gear the server rates are EXP x3 SP x5 Gold x5 Drops x5
Whats New

We have added new world bosses that spawn up like the Grand Red Dragon to almost every map changed the seals on the rare ACCs and much more
Hysteria is LIVE!!

Hello everyone, the server is now LIVE!! Please tell all of your friends so they can come check us out and help make Hysteria the best that it can be!! We appreciate everyone that was here during our Beta test Stages, we really do appreciate all the help and input that you have given us :) Hysteria Staff Team
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